Halfling Male


riddick stands only 3 ft in hight with brown hair and eyes, however what he lacks in statue he makes up for in pressence. Fast talking and headstrong riddick tends to act first and think second. Usually found grinning and getting in trouble by picking the pocket of any person who crosses his path. Telling him not to do something only guarantees he will do it at the earlest oppotunity. dispite his attitude he is loyal to his friends everyone else can go hang for all he cares, he also is not driven by any perticular ideals prefering to go with the flow.


previously a member of the redbrands, a gang of theives who resided in Phandalin. riddick was betrayed by the new leader , a powerful wizard by the moniker of glass staff. chased from Phandalin with only the clothes on his back he swore to return and get his revenge agaisnt the redbrands and glass staff in perticular. he still has family in Phandalin an aunt called quelline alderleaf who must never find out about riddicks bad career choice and his cousin carp. he has now joined up with a group of adventurers who are willing to aid him in exchange for his help with their own goals.


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