Iarno Albrek

human wizard. beholder


Iarno Albrek. Once a member of the Lords Alliance. He was deemed a traitor to the throne of his birthplace. Waterdeep. Discharged, Disavowed, and sentenced to death he was rescued via a transportation circle by Nezznar who saw reason to save someone in a moment of desperation. the man charged with hunting down Iarno Albrek was Sildar Hallwinter. Iarno, in his search of more powerful magics strayed into areas that caused him to have visions, nightnmares, and to hear voices. Nezznar promised he could make the problems with his sanity leave him. Now, with his favoured glasstaff removed, and following an accident with the Forge of Spells, he has become the worlds first manmade Beholder. He currently resides elsewhere. Hidden from the people he believes are responsible for the chain of events that lead to his current form. D.A.B.


worked for Nezznar.
Mentally disturbed.
Turned into a beholder after transporting into Forge of spells.

Iarno Albrek

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