Ferrus Fafnir

human fighter male


A tall, broad-shouldered human just reaching his thirties, Ferrus certainly cuts a heroic figure. He keeps his short brown hair mostly tied back, save for matching swept-back bangs that frame strikingly bright blue eyes. When not in danger, he generally wears a cheerful smile.

Ferrus is a man of unwavering conviction, or at least he would like to think so. When he sets his mind to something, he always follows through. He has a genuine sincerity to him, and he doesn’t like to pretend to be something he’s not.

His goal is to reclaim Thundertree, and to become a renowned hero to its former inhabitants, enshrined as a statue in the town square. He believes this to be his destiny, so much so that he is blind to his shortcomings and the risk of failure, at least until the loss of the innkeeper (Toblin Stonehill) shook that belief, and planted a seed of doubt in his mind.


The Fafnirs once lived in Thundertree: A prosperous village east of Neverwinter, nestled on the edge of Neverwinter Wood. When Mount Hotenow erupted thirty years ago, they fled with an infant Ferrus. The family drifted between villages around the region, making a meagre living as labourers or servants where they could.

Ferrus spent much of the last few years in Neverwinter as a porter and labourer at the city’s bustling docks, but it became clear to him and everyone around him that his destiny holds far grander designs for this budding hero. He stood up to an abusive ship captain once, so the other dockworkers look up to him. Someday, Ferrus will become the hero he is meant to be.

The ruins of Thundertree call to him. Ferrus’ family and friends once lived in prosperity there, now reduced to menial labour. The ruins are haunted by Ash Zombies, and rumours abound that a Dragon has made its lair in the Old Tower, but these are all problems for a hero to solve. Once Ferrus slays the Dragon, he’ll prove he’s a real hero destined for greatness.

Ferrus stands up to evil and never lets bullies have their way. A hero fights for law and order, so that everyone can live in prosperity and happiness. A hero slays monsters, clears ruins, and protects the innocent. He strives to be such a hero, but despite outward appearances, the death of the innkeeper weighs heavily on Ferrus.

Doubts begin to tug at his conviction, and the inklings of trepidation bubble up at the mention of the Dragon. A real hero would have saved that man, and been met with cheers by the jubilant townsfolk. Ferrus had been met with grief, and a sobering thought. If a real hero could have done what he had not, what did that make him?

Ferrus Fafnir

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